The baby formula crisis reveals the perils of bad policy and bad regulation.
It’s ‘never admit fault.’
The left thinks celebrating the demise of the white majority is high-minded and normal, while lamenting it is the lowest form of racism.
Inflation, ‘greed,’ and moral panics.
If hypocrisy were helium, everyone would have a funny voice and some people would just float away.
In making everything about race, the left is fighting only the enemies it wants to fight. And it’s losing.
Abortion is not a great issue for Democrats, so he is trying to warn that the leaked Alito opinion threatens other rights.
The GOP has the lion’s share of macadamias, pistachios, and cashews, while the Democrats have mostly peanuts.
How Democrats use of the term ‘middle class’ to win elections while categorizing people in terms that negate the very idea of a middle class.
The House minority leader said the right thing after January 6—and then lied about having done so.
The right’s problems have a long history, but they aren’t unique. They’re American problems.
Democrats have been captured by the political equivalent of molecular gastronomy.