The politicization of everything continues apace, to our peril.
People are putting torches to the rules, but all they know how to do is complain about the other teams’ smoke.
He’s stretching the law on the assumption that he can buy himself time.
It hasn’t reformed. It’s not a partner. And it wants an emirate far more than inclusion in the ‘international community.’
When people are distracted by a zillion different things, the most reliable way to get them to look your way is to say crazy stuff.
He’s wanted to get out of Afghanistan since he was vice president. It didn’t matter whether the time was right or not.
The government can’t love you, and when it works from the premise that it can, folly or tyranny follow.
This is not the way to get out of this war.
It’s good that norms against piggishness are strengthening. But it’s dismaying that the more important norms Cuomo violated seem to be weakening.
It’s not just a dumb and bad model for the United States. It's an impossible one.
The pandemic and its attendant stress have turned otherwise normal people into unruly passengers, poorly behaved consumers, and worse.
A culture obsessed with the performance of language thinks it can solve problems just by finding the right vocabulary to describe them.