If hypocrisy were helium, everyone would have a funny voice and some people would just float away.
Liz Cheney is not the reason the Republican Party cannot move on from January 6.
Notes on a momentous speech.
The left thinks celebrating the demise of the white majority is high-minded and normal, while lamenting it is the lowest form of racism.
A new poll about a hypothetical invasion of the U.S. has some worrisome findings, but we should remember that events can change our minds.
Fox News news hosts knew that Trump’s lies were lies—and they amplified them anyhow.
If the first-term congressman has been invited to cocaine-fueled orgies, it says more about the crowd he's fallen in with than D.C. itself.
Abortion is not a great issue for Democrats, so he is trying to warn that the leaked Alito opinion threatens other rights.
President Trump telegraphed that he would try to steal the election if he didn’t win.
The right’s problems have a long history, but they aren’t unique. They’re American problems.
The U.N. definition of genocide is legalistic and the result of compromise. So it’s worth looking at Putin’s intent.
We live in an era where favorable media coverage is often no favor.