A culture obsessed with the performance of language thinks it can solve problems just by finding the right vocabulary to describe them.
From COVID backsliding to the Capitol riot, America is beset by a pandemic of false equivalence.
Conservatives tend to be nostalgic for how they think people lived. Liberals tend to be nostalgic about times when they had power.
Progressives push change—good or bad change, it doesn’t matter—and then claim to be victims when they meet resistance.
Reality is infinitely more complex than the words we use to make sense of it.
What the fight over critical race theory says about the state of our politics.
The ratio of noise to signal is becoming overwhelming.
The trouble with language police.
Progressive demands for inclusion reach ridiculous new heights.
Juneteenth is a great American holiday.
This time around, we’re talking about people who actually know nothing.
Fear of the other side creates, almost in dialectical fashion, overreactions to prevent their winning