Steampunk Politics

Steampunk Politics Many things in our politics that seem new are actually quite old. Dear Reader (Including those of you who favor busing if it makes Joe Biden look racist, but not if it makes you look crazy), I’m torn about this whole “took over the airports” thing. In case you’re off enjoying life away from the noise machine, President Trump said that great American patriots seized the British airports during the Revolutionary War. On the one hand, it was a pretty great flub which will be blown out of proportion, just like Obama’s “corpse-man” prompter screw up. On the other hand, these things happen. Reading a prompter in the rain is probably hard. On the other hand—and yes, when writing this “news”letter, I have more hands than I need but not as many as I want—that’s one reason why you practice important speeches, so a misread is less likely. Yet, on another hand, I just want it to be true. I mean, if we’re supposed to believe the Ancient Egyptians could fly, why couldn’t the Brits or the Founding Fathers? On one final hand, even if it’s not true, I’d like to pretend it was.

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